Friday, January 14, 2011

Bungalow House Plans Philippines

We are interested in bungalow designs in the philippines Davao hotel 4 sale

Let us know the price and also consecrate any run down in good location price with in AUD$20/40 thausand dollar Hotel only we are interested in, has to be in good area which you recommended should be 20 to 40 rooms, good tourist location, I am planning to build a two story 3 bedroom 3 toilet and bath. My lot is located in San Fernando, Pampanga near SM Pamapnga. My lot sizes are 187 & 150 sq mts adjacent to its other. Kindly send me more information about your company and some estimate cost for this project. Also please send me some bungalow floor plans in philippines samples of your previous projects.

Need to add an office space as big as 80 sqms with toilet/bath in my Penthouse unit in Makati near the City Hall. I can send picture of my unit upon your reply by email. The building is existing already and said to be expandable to 6th floor. Currently on the 5th now where the Penthosue is situated. Can you help me design and construct?
Thanks for your immediate reply along with your affordable house designs. I would have known you earlier.
Hopefully, I could make business with you from now on.
With the 704 sq. m. lot, how many doors of townhouse can you construct? These townhouse/hotel should have centralize heating systems with hot and cold water in them. I want also to have one central receiving room office for clients.
Possibly, per door would be 2 bedrooms with parking garage, complete with kitchen for timeshare/clients to cook while vacationing from abroad.
Please give me samples bungalow house design in the philippines complete with landscape to be used for my ad/promotion before I come and negotiate with you probably this year.
Can I do business with you? Or could I get a good deal from you?

I am an American, and I am returning to the Philippines to attend my Fiancee\'s Visa interview in Manila February. We are going to be married in the USA March, after we return. I plan to retire in the Philippines in 5 years or less. I want to buy (I know that I cannot buy real estate directely but only through my future wife or through a formed corperation), a lot in a upscale subdivision. Security for myself and my wife to be will be the most important issues in selecting a subdivision, an area that would be suitable for an American to live in Davao City. I do not want to wait long before I buy this lot, 6 months to one year, just long enough to cement our marrage, before we move ahead in buying real estate. The prices are going up fast, so I plan to act soon. I plan on bulding a 200 to 230 square meter home. I would like a lot in the 400 sq. m. to 500 Sq. m., this my require adjoining lots. Do you think this size lot would work for a house this size? I will be arriving in Davao City Febuary 21, and departing Feb. 26.

I will be staying at the Waterfront Hotel. I would like to look at a few subdivisions while I am there, if you are available I would like to meet you and look at some properties. We will then travel to Cebu City to look at some subdivisions there. From what I have seen, I like Davao City as a place to live more than Cebu, but untill I started reading the WowDavao web site I would not considered Davao City for security reasions, but I think we could live in Davao City in relative safty. What do you think? Also, I am a private pilot and I have just received my new certified light sport aircraft, so I will look at available hanger space so I can bring my aircraft to the Philippines when I move there bungalow model house in the philippines.

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