Friday, January 14, 2011

Philippines House Plans with Photos

I want to inquire about a building of a house Philippines House Plans with Photos. It is located lucena city philippines. It is 140 square meter. My plan will be to have a three storey house, with 1 car garage 1st floor with kitchen,1 bath and 1 living room, and 1 bedroom, 2nd floor, maybe 2 or 3 bedrooms with one bath, and 3rd floor 1 bedroom with a kitchen & a bath, My price range is like 1 million to 2 million pesos. Thank you very much, please send me some plans or suggestions so i can send it to my brothers in the phils.

Sorry for my delayed reply, I thought my brothers got some contractor in the phils. but they didn't convinced me to have them. So I want to try yours. Hopefully you understand. And we decided to have a duplex house since I have 2 brothers living there & I know I will be living here now in the US so, it;s for them basically.
Let me answer your questions & hopefully you could sned me some designs that I can see so I can finalize our deal.
1. Mediterranean or European, duplex house
2 Two storeys with a roof top in each duplex Philippines House Plans with Photos
3. Two car garage a little wide yard in front with some grass & landscape
4. 1.5 million to 2 million pesos
5. 140 sq. meter, location 7 gomez st. lucena city, land title ,I will ask my brother to email it to me.
6. To start March to April this year maybe.
7. If you can e-mail me some pictures of designs it will be great, because I do's have much of an idea of designs doors & windows specially.

We need about 4 months to build but arranging the blue prints and building permit can take 2 months before that. (many government officials have to sign.)
So it would be best to make the rough design now (we do that free) while you have time to think about changes in the design. It is easy to change something on paper but if the house is built it is expensive.
See attached some examples.

You wish /plan to invest or buy a house and lot in subic bay sea/shore front for a price range of 6-7million which will also be use for a planned restaurant as a business. kindly find me a Philippines House Plans with Photos property house and lot in a sea/beach front in subic bay freport or within the subic bay as long it is a sea/beach front and good area as well for my planned restaurant business for tourist. i was offered a house and lot in baloy beach olongapo for 7.2 million. no deals made yet coz im still looking for a better area and value through your help. if it is possible to let me know if you can find me a house and lot in beach/sea front in subic bay proper before or not later than next week.coz i need to make a decision on the proposed house and lot in baloy beach olongapo next week. pls inform me as early as possible and send me pictures and details as well if theres any. again, my preference are: house and lot in sea/beach front in subic bay proper, between 6-7 million,good area for business as well.

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