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architectural design in the Philippines - house

If you decide to quantify the materials practices I suggest you refer to Walker's Building Estimator's Reference Book, which has instructions on Cebu to estimate the quantities of concrete, masonry, lumber, drywall, etc. It is considered the bible for construction estimators and it is one of required books included in the study guide for most state contractor's exam. permit keep in mind that houses reference books do not have tips and tricks as Philippines as real world experience as explained above.
You can employ the frame of your subcontractors bidding the small or your suppliers. You modern pay more for their product or service or you can materials us. Either firm you are paying for someone to review the plans and quantify cost is needed to build the project.

I am inquiring about building 2 story Philippine architectural house design apartments. Those questions that you are asking is for single house. Can you built us 3 apartments on our 10x20 lot using your technology (the box system). Can you give me an idea how much it will cost?
Here is some information:
Modern type house the first apartment is for our home it needs 3 bedroom w/ toilet and bath and balcony upstairs, ground needs dining, living, kitchen, patio and toilet & bath. Ceramic tile in ground and first floor all rooms. The two apartments needs 2 bedroom upstairs w/ balcony, ground needs dining, living, kitchen, patio and toilet & bath. Ceramic tile on ground and vynyl on Philippine architectural firms first floor. No garage. Our budget is 3 Million, we want the house to be ready at the end of October.

a. How difficult it is to declare the house for demolish considering the laws in Makati?
b. How difficult it is to remove tenants if they are not paying rents for several years?
c. The lot is small and will not have space for parking. Is parking a requirement in Makati?
d. Bldg use:
. 1st two floors, office space.
. 2nd and 3rd, loft apartments (80 m2) each.
. 4th flr, 4-40m2 studios.
. 5th flr, 160m2 penthouse for my home.
e. How do i finance the project?
f. Approx. how it will cost architectural style in the Philippines today?
g. Approx. how long it will take to build?
h. Can you provide a best use feasilibity study or where can I have it done?
i. Have you done similar projects before?
I would like to remain anonymous right now but I am serious about the project.

i am currently station in singapore but i have a prospect project in iloilo city. in regards to your product i want to know the price per sq.ft/sq. mtr., standard sizes that may be cost effective to my architectural company in the Philippines project, lead time, terms, and color availables. i\'m o progress of doing the design and i may the construction by the themiddle of march, this year. please email to me what ever valuable info in regards to your product that i may need to consider to use in my projects. i have a pertner in my office that i may could liasee with you on the details but i need the basic info at the moment. please try to send your email to my email address and kindly give your contact number that i may could call you personally.

I am sending a schematic drawing and would like to receive a quote from you. We would like the most basic finishing like : glazed cement finishing for the living areas, washroom basic white or colored tiles, fixtures for sink , shower and toilet, double sink kitchen with cupboards and tropical architecture in the Philippines kitchen cabinets. laundry area at the service area. These units could serve as commercial spaces as well. No garage but sidewalk may serve as part of the driveway. Color Roofing, ordinary ceiling, electrical, telephone & cable ready, water line system, kitchen and bathroom tiles, exterior/interior finish. Soon as you've provided me with your proposal, if this is within our budget, we will ask you to submit three references of your former clients with their phone numbers. Upon approval, we will have the work done beginning next month.

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