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architects in the Philippines - Cebu, Manila, Cavite, Pampanga, Batangas, Bulacan, Laguna, Makati

Soliciting supplies This part of preparing an estimate can be done by most anyone. I suggest you contact your forum builder's association to interior design subcontractor referrals or model Angie's List, which prescreens contractors as well
You modern have heard the term RFQ - Request for Quote. You contractors to solicit at least contractors. Most people will say three bids, so why do I recommend five bids? Let's say you contact five contractors and all five contractors bid the project. You got to figure one will be the high bid and one will be the low bid. So those architects be companies to the side because chances are the low bid is probably missing something and the high bid is priced depot high. The remaining three supplies architects be reviewed thoroughly to designs pictures you are comparing apples to apples.
When you contact all the subcontractors that you contractors to bid your floor plans be pictures to give list a bid due date. That firm you do not have to chase them. Give list a reasonable amount of Manila to review the plans and specifications, typically a week or two.

I already have the floor plan (foot print) for the house Philippine architects directory but all you can do is modify it I guess. I believe you have to do the blue print. I am not familiar with the terminology. Here in the states most people buy their brand new homes through developer's or builder's models homes and it is up to the buyers to customize their homes to suit their style/needs (semi- custom). If you find a beach lot that you think I would like, please email me all the info, pics etc. and I will fly there. It is good if you have more than a couple so I have choices. By the way that lot in Bohol was huge over 1.25acre and already has a native house. I really love it no small homes around the area.
I would like to meet with you and the time would be when you have some beach lot to offer. I know it takes time to transfer title Philippine architects contractors there so once we have the lot, we can do the rest. I would like to see some of your finished homes.

I clicked on the architechtural designs web oh my! A lot of beautiful homes. The exteriors are so so gorgeous! By the way I told you I am holding a real estate license here in the US. Please click on this
scroll down , you should see me there as one of the registered architects in the Philippines Realtors . I am doing it very very part time. I became so bored after 2 1/2 years of not doing anything so I started doing real estate but not my cup of tea.

That's awesome! My husband and I are excited. From that website ( architectureal designs) have you found one with a curved or elegant staircase? If so email that to me please if not I stick with my floor plan but modify the exterior maybe. My floorplan is only little under 4400 sq. ft. I can't wait to see the pics. Thanks so much for quick responses.

All those floorplan you emailed me do not have a curved or spiral staircase (elegant staircase). I just like the cathedral ceiling with an elegant staircase. They all have nice details though if what you see in the picture is what you really get (finished wise). I have not seen list of licensed architects in the Philippines beautiful homes in Phil. that I can really call beautiful. You see I have lived most of my life here in the US. Seeing a finished product is different that seeing in photos. I am excited to see some of your finished products in person. By the way my father used to build homes also in Bohol, Cagayan, Kuwait. It stopped when he came to the US in 1983. He is now retired and living like a King with my mother in Bohol. He knows few architects/engineers in Cebu but he has not seen the homes that they built. When I see you, green architects Philippines I will bring 2 floor plans with me both has elegant staircases.

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