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Roofing Materials Philippines

roofing materials Philippines I am planning to build a house in my 172 sq.m lot in Cainta. I would like a 2 storey house, 3 bedrooms 3 toilet and baths (1 in the master, 1 in the second floor, and 1 on the first floor.)1 car garage, and a small garden. i want a balcony for each room (not necessary)
How much would be an appropriate roof designs in the philippines budget to build the house. I am thinking 1.5 - 2M, is it enough I wish to enquire if you could give us some information re how much is the price to build a We wanted to build at least 190-210 square meters house and if this project is possible to be built on a 499 sq.meter lot. We wanted a one floor house only.

Thank you for responding so quickly . We have a lot in Villa Josephina (lot #12) Block five I think and its like five houses away from the Gulf, and its like a trapezoid shape beside the Gemilina plantation . We just acquired it not too long ago so we don't know really what kind of plan we wanted to follow. All we know is , we wanted to have 4 bedrooms because we have two kids and we wanted a guest room. We are not too crazy about the roof insulation philippines garage in the front which we think it looks like eating alot of space and we thought of just having a sort of big canopy and put our vehicle underneath it, so we can use the top of it as a library or another room for our grand kids. I wanted to have only one floor house so when I retire I dont have to worry about the stairs. So, here is the picture of my house that I pick from the site that you provide us. Please give us some hint how much it would cost us per square meter and what kind of material roof philippines you use and what are included in your cost? This is our future house so we dont have a set budget yet, we are still planning . If you can help us plan this house , we will surely appreciate it.

1) What are the laws for roofing contractors in the philippines Americans ownig homes there.
2)Looking for a home that I can retire to 20 years from now.
3)Would like to purchace soon and rent it out to help pay for it self until I retire.

I want to know the price range or estimated cost for a residential house to be built on the area of the land of 110 sq. meter. I plan to have a two story so I could have atleast 3 to 4 bedrooms. the location is in the town of Leganes, Iloilo and schedule to construct on April 2007. I want to know if how long is the construction. All wallings nust be concrete. Please estimate the most conservative budget.

Anyway as you wish. I'm just interested about the possibilites of this building because we are looking as a investment in Banay2x. Actually we stayed in Cabuyao, Laguna. Iam just want to know what is the present pictures of this building. So we can think and have an idea about the possibilites and discuss it in the future. Just only inquiring and let me know if you are willing to give some important details of this properties.When I will purchase? I have no idea! And how can I buy something if you not giving me details on that. Are you the owner of this? Please tell if youre not interested then is fine.

We have a few quick simple questions dear sir\'s/madam\'s. i have been eyeing a lot right infront of i.t. park lahug for a long time now. i have been thinking of having that lot with a boarding-house business since there has been a lot of call-center bldg\'s. being built up there. its just right beside a car-dealership and at the mouth of the road going into water-front hotel. what may you suggest and advice please? how much do you think would it have me to invest on? i have partners that is open to the idea by the way. thank you very much, as for now i have not much to ask for except those two questions only. please kindly give it a consideration.

I have checked your site and the pictures of your projects posted. Anyway, my dad has this land in Liliw, Laguna and he wants to have his house built on it. The lot area has a dimension of 14meters by 22meters. The following are his requirements:
*1 master bedroom in 1st floor
*4 bedrooms 2nd floor
*1 car garage
The budget for this should be 2.5M (maximum). He wants this project to start this coming April and should be finished by August 2007.
He is interested with Philippine Picture Home 11 and 12 found on this site
I hope to see your plan and roofs in the philippines design for our house am planning to build a duplex in my lot in pampanga, davao city. i want a two-storey unit with a floor plan of 45 sq m. which nmeans 45 sq m for the first floor and the 45 sq m also for the 2nd floor (for each unit)i wish to know how much it might cost me. the duplex i wish to build shall be for rent so it doesnt need to be very elaborate in style, etc. i cannot think of a concrete price range but i think 200,000 pesos for each unit is ok. i hope for your immediate response.

May I see more of your residentail finished products that you have build in the past or present? How much would it cost us if we want to build a house with 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 1 large living room with an open floor plan and an elegant kitchen with pantry for food storage? I have a 240 sqm property in Laguna and I would like to build a 2-storey, 3-bedroom house with an attic. Plus a swimming pool. How do you suggest should I put up to complete the abovementioned with an average presentable finishing. I intend to start building the house by the middle of this year subject to overall expenses. Your prompt response is highly appreciated.

To searching for home builders right now and found ur working at emirates airline here in dubai and planning to start building a house for my family next month.
we bought a lot located in cainta which has a total area of 200 sq meters.We already have the house design and plan in blue print and im looking now for a company who would be able to construct the house according to my budget.My budget for the house is 2 million. Accordng to the plan,its a four door apartment like houses but not too stylish.I dnt know how to describe it. Is 2 million enough or not? if not,what could be the other options that you can give me roofing materials Philippines, construction materials, roof designs, insulation, contractors, roofs.

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